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  Empowering Neighborhoods

Welcome to our website. It has been designed to help you be more empowered to preserve and enhance your neighborhood. We want www.cscono.org to be a resource for information that can help you in many ways to enhance the quality of life for you, your children, and your children's children. There are over 200 helpful links in this site covering a wide range of topics all of which we hope are useful to our neighbors and community.

We, and our website, are open to all who promote and encourage community and neighborhoods.

Wednesday, June 10 (2nd Wednesday)
5:30-7:30 PM, CONO map

CONO’s Mayoral Debate on March 11 was well- attended, with tough questions and significant answers. If you didn’t get to attend, we’ve got the videos for you below!

See the first video of Mayoral Debate Candidate click here

See the second video of Mayoral Debate Candidate click here

See the third video of Mayoral Debate Candidate click here 

Click here for our 2015 Meeting Calendar

2015 Membership Application

2015 Membership Application Cover Letter

We are looking for volunteers to help us staff the new Council of Neighbors and Organizations office. Please contact us if you would be willing to donate a few hours each week or month to greet visitors, describe Council of Neighbors and Organizations services, and answer the two phone lines.

Summary of Results of CONO Strategic Planning Session


Contact us at: info@cscono.org or Council of Neighbors and Organizations, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

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First-ever Neighbor Up! week, April 12-19

Neighborhood of the Year Award: Ivywild

Ivywild is a dynamic community which is experiencing significant change and development.  After an extended period of uncertainty, marked by significant apathy in some quarters, the Ivywild Improvement Society has in recent years developed a vibrant board and membership base.  The infectious enthusiasm of its board has led to a new spirit of involvement and contribution by an energetic resident membership.  Because of this energy and the inclusive and imaginative way in which the Ivywild Improvement Society approaches the opportunities and challenges that are presented to the neighborhood, CONO was pleased to announce the Society as the 2015 Neighborhood of the Year.!

New! Click below to view videos of the speakers in our Neighbor Up! lunch conversations.

Brandy Williams April .13

Margaret Radford April .14

Larry Bagley April 15

Jan Martin April .16

Val Snider April .17

Click here to see photos from the County Commissioners’ proclamation of Neighbor Up! week.


Check out the streetscape improvements in front of the CONO office.

Click here to view the slide show.

CONO’s Library

We have books for lending. These books will help you understand how to help create community; so feel free to come in at Council of Neighbors and Organizations, 309 S. Cascade Ave., in downtown Colorado Springs

CONO Neighborhood Leadership Training Program

We're working on a written training program for neighborhood leaders. What do you think are the most important skills a neighborhood leader should have? What does a neighborhood leader need to know?

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